Marketing and Publicity Services

Because marketing and publicity services can span such a broad spectrum, we offer this page to give you a deeper look at the various options.

Marketing document development: We can create press releases, press kits, tip sheets, author bios, and more, including writing marketing copy and designing the final documents. Press releases are necessary in pitching media outlets, while tip sheets and press kits can help in securing media and scheduling events. Each of these documents helps present your book in ways that are both engaging and professional.

book mail Publicity outreach: We can research media outlets—both traditional print and online media or broadcast media, as well as blogs and other outlets—appropriate for your title, develop pitch materials such as press releases and press kits, find engaging angles to suit each outlet, pitch contributed articles, and more to increase your chances of being featured in articles, interviews, or social media posts.

Review copy submissions: We can send out copies of your book to reviewers to increase your chances of receiving reviews in print or online. This can include everything from researching outlets that would be a good fit for your book through mailing the books and following up as necessary.

Outreach to bookstores: We can research bookstores that may be able to carry your book, create sales materials, such as a tip sheet, and contact booksellers on your behalf.

Event planning: We can plan and coordinate your book launch, readings, and other book-related events to help you engage directly with your audience.

Platform building: Successful authors have platforms that help them connect directly with their audience. While it takes time to develop a platform, we can help create a basic strategy, including evaluating your existing platform and exploring ways to expand it.

Email campaigns: We can write and plan email campaigns to promote your book using your own email list.

www Website content planning: We can help you develop content for a compelling author website, including writing copy, planning which pages are necessary, and integrating email and social media.

Social media strategy development: We can put together a strategy for using social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, to promote your book.

Giveaway coordination: We can set up giveaways on Goodreads, social media, blogs, and other avenues to help increase your readership.

Trade show and conference submissions: We can submit your book and your expertise for trade shows and conferences in the publishing industry or related to your book’s topic. This could lead to speaking engagements that would help increase visibility for you and your writing.

Awards submissions: We can submit your book for relevant book awards to increase visibility for the book and help build your platform.

Traditional book marketing runs on strategies like the ones listed above. Those are important, but sometimes the most fun part of book marketing is coming up with out-of-the-box ideas. If you have a creative idea, we can help you develop it and execute it—we’ve done everything from transmedia marketing plans, to launch teams, to coloring contests. If you have another idea, we can work with it!

Services are available for books and chapbooks in most genres. Please contact us if you have questions.

We can customize the scope of services for your project and budget. Some of our clients use all of the above services, while others use just one or two.