Editing Services

Reader's Response

Professional critique on the overall concept for and presentation of the book or story. This is especially helpful for authors who want guidance in self-editing or revising before deeper editing begins.

Developmental Editing

In-depth editing involving plot and argument evaluation. This process requires authors and editors to work side-by-side to perfect the piece.

Line Editing

Surface editing for grammatical and spelling errors. During this process, editors also fact-check and make minor revision suggestions to help authors reach their audience with their best writing.


Final-touch polishing before the work goes to print.

Services are available for books, short stories, essays, professional documents, and web-based material for most genres. Please contact us if you have questions.

Choose which services are best for you and your project. Some of our clients use all of the above services, while others use just one or two. You can read their comments on our Testimonials page and in our monthly e-newsletter.

Because every project is unique, rates vary. Please contact us for a free sample edit (select services) and estimate.